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Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes
Doodle Planes

Review Doodle Planes

Jay Feldman
Quality sound, decent animation, quality graphics
Boring, is lagging, challenging controls, inconvenient to play on a small screen, animation is a bit laggy
Doodle Planes for Android has some very nicely hand drawn graphics, however the game play is sluggish at best. This is a decent, vertical scrolling aerial fighter, reminiscent of arcade classics like Midway.
Doodle Planes aspires to be a gamer’s game. You’re in an old WWII style propeller plane, and your mission is to collect stars and fly to the end of the course while avoiding obstacles like birds, blimps thunderstorms and paratroopers. Just navigate around the screen like an aerial obstacle course and go as far as you can without nose-diving and going boom.
The graphics are quite nice to look at. They look like pencil sketches on paper; very colorful and doodleish. I love the hand drawn look and feel. The play however, feels a little hand done too; very choppy and lacking any real refinement.
The controls make use of the accelerometer; just tilt your device to move your plane left and right. If you need to get out of the way or something fast, just swipe your finger left or right to make your plane do a barrel roll.
The controls are so crude that it’s near impossible to play this game with any real accuracy or skill. You will run into all sorts of stuff, no matter what your skill level. The play itself lacks any real action; other than slaloming back and forth collecting stars, nothing much really happens. And the menus are bogged down by repetitive animations that can’t be skipped, and are only captivating the first time they are viewed.
Doodle Planes looks fantastic; shame it doesn’t play that way. There are tons of different and cool looking planes you can upgrade to, but the time and cost just isn’t merited by the mediocre game play. This game is cool to look at but boring to play. I’ll be curious to see how future versions evolve. For now, it’s a nice effort but just not very engaging; at least not for very long.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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