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School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons
School of Dragons

Review School of Dragons

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot
Crashes, glitches, is lagging, has errors, kills your battery, inconvenient to play on a small screen, bad controls, low quality graphics, low quality animation
School of Dragons for Android is the companion app to the Dreamworks movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2. Well, here’s hoping that big budget flick is better than this game, because this outright sucks.
School of Dragons takes place within a shoddy replica of the movie’s cinematic environment. The objective, though I didn't actually get to do much, is to wander around the medieval style cartoon kingdom, talk to characters from the film and go to dragon training school. Kids should love it, right? Well, unless your kid has ADD this game isn't going to hold anyone’s interest for very long.
The game is completely unplayable. Virtually every shift from one menu to the next causes the dreaded ‘loading’ graphic to come up onscreen. No matter if you’re starting the game, moving about the environment or just trying to access the settings menu; virtually every action is interrupted by the excruciating and torturous ‘loading’ icon, that spins round and round causing lock ups, crashes and hags. By the time you get to the screen you wanted, you forgot what you were even doing to begin with.
The graphics are shockingly mediocre for such a big budget movie. This app looks like it was programmed by a first year graphics design artist. The animation is choppy, the controls a ridiculously terrible and the 3D graphics look like someone turned off the computer for the night before it was finished rendering. OMG I can’t believe how bad this is.
School of Dragons is a dismal disappointment. I can’t see kids liking this one bit; far too boring, far too many errors; an utter waste of time. If the game was called “Watch the Loading Icon Spin Round and Round” then this game would be a slam dunk. Instead, it should be called “How to Train Your Programmer.” Ouch. Sorry to all the people who worked hard on this app. But it begs the question – WHY? For the love of gaming.... WHY!?!
I just hope uninstalling this doesn't hang as much as the game itself; enough already with this one!

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Gameplay 5/10
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Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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Kara Smith
I used to be able to play on my nexxus 7 (I agree, terrible quality, but then again, do not have recomended RAM). Now, IT'S INCOMPATIBLE!!!! (facepalm) :^) (furious) :0 I can't believe they would do this!!!
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