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Dot Wave
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Dot Wave

Review Dot Wave

Danielle Aaizelle Cardenas
Perfect soundtrack, unusual game design, one-finger controls, no ads
Too difficult, monotonous game play
Dot Wave is twitch app for Android that will test how fast your stimuli are. In this game, your objective is to get the line pass the level without touching the obstacles. This game will test how fast you can react to certain situations. You think the game is simply about avoiding obstacles in a fast pace? Right when you start to think that you’re almost getting how the game works, there are suddenly different twists to the game. Not a change of obstacle but literally a twist in the game.
I can’t last more than 6 seconds myself. I find it impossible to last long but that makes me more challenged. The lowest difficulty that you can set your game to is HARD and you can imagine how hard that level is, what more are the other levels? The only levels available are hard, harder, hardest, hardestest, impossible, and OMG. Just when you think you already know the best strategy to pass a level, the level will have an unexpected turn.
The controls are very simple. You just have to tap and hold it to make the line move upwards. After you let go, the line will move downwards. The gameplay is actually fun when you get the hang of it but I don’t think the game is recommended for people with seizures. The background music is the biggest plus. Aside from a robotic woman’s voice that reads what option you have chosen. Let’s say for starting the game she says “Begin”. You can choose what background dubstep music to put on. And dubstep is the best music for twitch games and the developer surely knows that. There are different selections of dubstep music on the main menu and I’ve listened to all of them as I played and these music get me really pumped up and excited for some reason.
Dot Wave is a very awesome game for people who want to test how quick their minds can respond. Not suitable for people with seizures, though. Challenging game and great background music.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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