Adam and Eve 2
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Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve 2

Review Adam and Eve 2

Danielle Aaizelle Cardenas
Funny sounds, every level brings something new, one-finger controls
Graphics could have been better, ads spoil the game process
Adam and Eve 2 is a point and click adventure app for Android. You will play as Adam throughout the game and your objective is to pass the levels by interacting with the objects around you in the appropriate order so you can find your way to true love. Everything around Adam is clickable. But remember: you have to click them in proper orders. The first part of the story (or your first task) is you, being Adam, need to escape a cage where you are in by getting the key from Eve, who is sleeping. On this very first task that you need to pass, you will be given directions how it should be done, but on the next ones, you have to figure them out by yourself.
To interact with the objects, you just have to click anything around you that you think will start a pattern to pass the level. The physics of the game is nowhere near real life. Adam is just standing there and every time you click something, it moves by itself as if someone is moving it. The music is a bit corny, to be honest. The sound effects are similar to the ones from children comedies. What’s good about the game is that sometimes you can tap on Adam to get a hint or maybe the other available character. For example (spoiler alert!), that level where Adam is in a cave and there are bats with different colors. If you tap Adam, something will flash as his thought but you need to have fast eyes because it will just flash. Upon tapping him, you will get an idea about a specific arrangement of what you should click and when you look around, there’s a chalk drawing that outlines a bat and a big spike, hinting that you should click the bats first then the spikes at the correct order.
The graphics are not that good, but they look simple entertaining since the animals are pretty adorable. One weakness of this game is the ads are blocking the top part of the game and I had to put my device on airplane mode the entire time I played it because these ads can cause you to miss something in game.
Adam and Eve 2 is a mind-exercising app for Android. This app is best for people who love mind games or games that will make them think hard.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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