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Eternity Warriors 2
Eternity Warriors 2
Eternity Warriors 2
Eternity Warriors 2
Eternity Warriors 2

Review Eternity Warriors 2

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, simple controls
Kills your battery, animation is a bit laggy
Eternity Warriors 2 for Android is an intense fantasy combat game. Search through a dark and eerie castle, that looks more like a dungeon, and kill evil spirits and possessed beings before they kill you.
Eternity Warriors 2 doesn't go much for originality, but the play is solidly entertaining. You are a hulking, raging warrior whose sole purpose in life is to spill blood. You've got your trusty blade and rage to spare, so the killing is graphic and nonstop. As you explore this fantasy structure built of stone and stolen souls, evil lurks. The undead materialize everywhere, appearing from the ground and seemingly crawling out from the depths of their haunted graves to come after you. I still don't get why the undead bleed so much, but much blood is spilled in mass carnage.
The controls are quite good. There's a virtual joystick on the left and a sword button on the right. As special abilities are added, additional attack buttons are added. The flurry attacks are the most satisfying as you unleash mass mayhem and spill blood in copious amounts; painting the stone floor red with demonic hemoglobin.
The sounds made my little Droid sound like it was possessed by Damian. This is not a game for little kids, and parents would be certain to hate every aspect of this game, which naturally, only makes it all the more cool to kids. I think the play was interesting, but is gratuitous simply for the sake of being gratuitous. There's no plot, no story and little point. Gore is fine, if there's something else to latch onto, or if it's built into something worthwhile. But with blatantly violent games like this, that lack of any point or purpose just makes me wonder about the sanity of the people playing them.
Eternity Warriors 2 killed my battery faster than I could kill evil ghouls onscreen. At the end of the day, it aims to be mindless fun, but was heavy on the mindless and short on fun.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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