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Catch Notes Notepad
Catch Notes Notepad
Catch Notes Notepad
Catch Notes Notepad
Catch Notes Notepad
Catch Notes Notepad

Review Catch Notes Notepad

Sergei Blyudov
Catch Notes Notepad - is a program for easy and comprehensive note-taking on the smart phone, tablet or any other device. The program stores and syncs your notes with all devices and cloud-based server.
The main mission of the application Cath - this remembering and recording your ideas. The use of mobile applications with cloud synchronization allows you to record fresh ideas anywhere and in any way (notes, photos, audio). And to continue and develop them, you can be home for a large computer.

Features Catch Notes Notepad:

  • Convenient collection and creation of notes;
  • Using tags directly in the text entry, as we used to see in Twitter (# tag);
  • Automatic download notes to the site and upload to all devices that use the application. Also, all the notes can be viewed via the web interface;
  • Protect your notes with a four pincode;
  • Easy sorting in chronological order, search by tags, priorities, etc.
For the organization of notes in Catch a combination of the areas (Spaces) and tags (# tag). Streams act as a primary sort, the default program has created one stream "My Ideas". For the convenience of the Council to establish flows labeled kind of activity, for example, it can be "Work", "Education" or "Hobby".
Of course, I can not help but compare the service Catch and Evernote , as it may be said, the main militant rivals. The main difference between the applications is that Catch more precisely intended to gather information (here, for this is an instant photo, audio and text notes in one click), and Evernote for its organization (you can create any number of notebooks with a variety of attachments).
The main and fundamental advantage Catch to Evernote, which, ultimately, may determine the choice - is to support offline storage of all the notes on all synchronized devices in a free subscription. You guessed it, with Evernote is possible only on the premium account.
Catch - a completely free service, but with some restrictions. For example, you can not create more than 70 MB of notes in a month, and more than 5 areas. However, do not be afraid, because this space is sufficient with the head most of the users (more than 300 text notes, more than 50 photos and some audio). To get additional privileges, you can subscribe for 150 rubles per month.


Catch Notes Notepad - is a quality and reliable software for recording and cloud sync notes. All the features that are stated in the program, is working at 100%. The disadvantages include the lack of a Russian, but that does not stop to understand the simple and intuitive interface applications.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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