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Review Horn

Sergei Petrov
Horn - a new game for Android from the famous studio Zynga, which until then was not highlighted serious projects, but to create consistently good mini-arcade. And suddenly, a surprise, a new game in amazing 3D, but still built on the Unreal Engine 3. So what happened in the end? Worst-first, or you can play? We'll see!
Just want to warn all potential buyers! At the moment, the game only runs on Tegra 2/3 devices. In this case, the developer for some reason put compatibility with other modern "no-Tegra" smartphones. After downloading and installing the game, it just does not run as well as the whole process takes about 15 minutes, then return the money will be not so easy.
Playing Horn tells the story of a simple blacksmith who suddenly appeared almost the only survivor after a surprise enemy attack. Powerful magic to turn all the inhabitants of his native village in giant monsters, and we actually have to rescue civilians and the destruction of the evil that struck the home of our hero.

Gameplay in Horn for Android

Despite the fact that the Horn - a complete 3D-game management, it is not directly, but by clicking on the playing area. That is, where we click, get our blacksmith and runs. This is a strange step, how to control your character directly it would be much more interesting. By moving we will often come across obstacles, which will help the blacksmith gestures to jump, catch up and so on.
When you start fighting, the gameplay is totally changed. In the battle mode, we can just roll around the enemy and strike with the sliding motions on the screen. That said, in my opinion, is the most disastrous moment in the game. Fights are made so interesting and actually reduced to elementary tumbling and ridiculous blow to weak points of enemies. No beautiful reflections komboudary exciting and just what we expected from this game.
Summary. Horn - it looks beautiful game with a great story, but totally inept fighting and a model of movement. It seems that the developers still came out worst-first, but, nevertheless, you can play it, albeit reluctantly teeth. Still graphics, interesting story and, in principle, the absence of such a serious story of games for Android take their toll. The game is sold at a price of 226 rubles and takes monstrous 1.8 GB memory card.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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