Ninja Fishing
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Ninja Fishing
Ninja Fishing
Ninja Fishing
Ninja Fishing
Ninja Fishing
Ninja Fishing

Review Ninja Fishing

Sergei Blyudov
Ninja Fishing - is a new exciting arcade game for Android, which combines elements of two genres. First we will go fishing with accelerometer control hook and try to catch as many clams. After that, the opposite way, we throw away all the prey immediately to the surface, and then begins ... Fruit Ninja ! We will have to frantically hack rolled soaring fruit and avoid taking off dynamite.
Actually, the game play is very simple. We find ourselves in the role of a ninja who instructed gather up the fish and cut it for sushi. To do this, we have a boat, a fishing rod and a katana. Any part of the equipment we can "upgrade" or replace it with a more advanced model. To earn gold coins, we need to try to chop a round as many fish.

How to play the Ninja Fishing?

After the start of the level, you need to click once on the screen, and our hero cast a line into the water. Now, using the accelerometer, we need to dodge the fish to run the hook as far as possible input. Deeper the fall hook, the more fish will be in our way.
When you affect a fish hook, the ninja will pull the bait back. Then, using the same accelerometer, we must not turn aside, but rather to try to collect on the way back as many fish. After that, the ninja throws up all the fish in the air and begins to cut it with a sword. Here the gameplay in general is no different from the famous game Fruit Ninja, with the only difference being that most of the fish is cut immediately, but after a few strokes.
Of course, in the game Ninja Fishing provides mini-quests, such as searching a chest on the sea floor and produce exotic and nimble fish. With the money you can buy in the store longer coil, better hook, new sharp samurai sword and a new species of fish.
At this point in the game is available only two locations with their fish, but in the future the developers promise to gradually add new fishing spots.


Ninja Fishing - this is an excellent dynamic game that will appeal to all those who in their time have plenty of shred fruits. The game is distributed completely free of charge, does not contain any in-game advertising. Earnings developers comes from the purchase of items in the game, while they can easily save money without investment.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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