Wreck'em Racing
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Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing
Wreck'em Racing

Review Wreck'em Racing

Jay Feldman
Funny sounds, decent graphics, one-finger controls
Kills your battery, too easy, challenging controls
Wreck'em Racing for Android shows promise but still needs a little work. It reminds me of old school arcade racers in the look and feel, but just doesn't hold up against the highly refined modern racers we've all come to enjoy.
Wreck'em Racing takes place in the desert with an aerial view of the track. Compete in timed challenges just for fun or to hone your skills or participate in standard style races. The tracks are interesting and change at random with each race, which helps keep you guessing. However, I think the game in general lacks speed. It plays more like a rudimentary child’s toy, and I think maybe little kids might love it for this reason. It’s easy to play, just not very captivating.
The graphics are decent. I don’t mind the old school feel, but the animation lacks sophistication and refinement. The controls are alright, but a little erratic. There’s a virtual steering when on the left; just slide your thumb to spin the wheel and burn rubber around the track. I love how sharp the turns can be, and that you can leave skid marks on the road. But the steering lacks any real accuracy and the end result plays more like bumper cars than a racer. I think the name itself suggests at least more of a demolition derby, but as it is, the play is just ok.
Wreck'em Racing shows promise but still needs some development to truly be fun. It’s all still a little crude and plays more like a beta. But I bet kids will enjoy it because the simple play makes it easy to handle, and the constant bashing into everything is probably something little ones would enjoy. However, if you’re more of a racing aficionado you’ll probably get bored with this one rather quickly. I expected more from this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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