Space Racing 3D
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Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D
Space Racing 3D

Review Space Racing 3D

Jay Feldman
Quality soundtrack, quality animation, modern graphics, exciting plot, quality game play
Glitches, kills your battery, in-app purchases
Space Racing 3D for Android takes the standard racing game and blasts it into the future with this high octane app. Race cool spaceships on a rad looking track. Hit power ups, speed accelerators and collect gemstones for hot looking upgrades.
Space Racing 3D is your basic racing game but with some very interesting twists. Participate in standard style racing against 6 other craft and try to pass the finish line first. Chase Mode is cool - face off against a computer opponent while whizzing around the track. Try to catch up and pass your opponent while firing to slow him down. But watch out, cuz he can fore back at you. The speed is fast and intense, which makes the play exciting.
The controls are excellent. You can tap the left and right sides of the screen to steer, or switch to tilt controls which also work quite well and have a good degree of accuracy. It’s tricky getting the hang of the steering sensitivity and I bashed into the side walls many times. But with a little practice, you can get really got at this one and go fast with precision.
The graphics are excellent. Quality 3D looking stuff that really adds to the feeling of velocity. I ran into no glitches, other than the occasional hang inside the upgrade menus. You can spend some money onthis or just play and be patient to earn your upgrades. The racing is smooth, fast and entertaining. There are plenty of boosters and power ups that amp things up and add to the excitement.
Space Racing 3D will be a favorite for anyone who likes quality racing games. I love the adrenaline jolt I get from this one. Lots of fun, looks great and very polished execution.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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i love this game very much....
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