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Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode
Kid Mode

Review Kid Mode

Jay Feldman
Lots of activities for kids, keep track of everything, lots of settings, simple interface
Expensive subscriptions, lags a bit
Kid Mode for Android offers a host of safe activities for children and offers parents a little peace of mind and assured privacy from curious eyes.
Kid Mode is like having a babysitter on your Android. Kids are fascinated with all these modern gizmos, and they can be a fantastic learning tool. However, parents need to keep tabs on what their children are doing and make sure the content they access is appropriate. This app allows for complete parental control and activity monitoring. Easily choose which apps your child has access to, and keep others away from reach. This is accomplished by setting a unique pass code that can be a numerical pin, or just your birth year; you decide how to lock and unlock all the features of your tablet. So if you don’t want your child messing with your email or calendar, you can easily block those apps and keep them private. That way if your child ever grabs your device without your knowledge, they will only have access to activities you have pre-approved.
Kid Mode has a host of activities for your child, like books and child friendly games. It even has a video chat option so your child can easily keep in touch with grandma and grandpa. There’s also a drawing app and you can assign gold stars to your precious one’s artwork.
The interface is clean and easy to follow for both kids and adults. Your child only sees the child interface, while a separate adult interface is for your eyes only. There are a host of added features and activities that will cost money. You can subscribe monthly, yearly or just buy add-ons ala carte. For sure your child will be hounding you constantly about something new they want you to buy, but you retain total control and can even block certain websites, games or activities. Kid Mode will even make suggestions based on your child’s usage and interests. The app functions well, but does suffer from the occasional hang.
Kid Mode is an invaluable tool for parents. I question the cost of it over time, however, this app is a great way to let your children learn new technology and keep them occupied with appropriate activities in a safe environment.

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Usefulness 9/10
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Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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Roger C
i have forgotton password help
This is an absolute waste that serves no purpose but to take space on the Note 3. After update, DO NOT agree to the terms or use, you'll regret it.
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