Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
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Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр
Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр

Review Angry Gran Racing гоночная игр

Jay Feldman
Interesting graphics, well-balanced difficulty, decent game play
Very common, bad physics, dependence on in-app purchases
Angry Gran Racing for Android is the next installment in this comical series. Help granny run over everything in sight with her mobility scooter. Speaking as someone who is regularly run down by a mobility scooter, this premise cuts close to reality.
Angry Gran Racing is decent fun, for the most part. It’s a side scrolling game with very easy controls. Just hit the throttle to drive granny’s scooter across the silly terrain and collect coins; over the hills and through the woods to….Hey, wait a minute. Where is granny going anyway??
Unfortunately, the gravity of this game sucks. I know it was intentionally programmed in a manner that supports upgrades and purchases, but this one pushes that premise a little far. In the old arcade days, they didn't charge 25 cents to start a game, and then interrupt the fun to ask for more money to make the game play as it should have to begin with. In this instance, the physics of granny’s scooter are so terrible, that you truly have no choice but to upgrade the suspension, engine, tires and all that stuff just to get the game to function the way it should have to begin with. I’m all for developers making their virtual coin, but this game is intentionally hamstrung right from the word go, making upgrades impossible to avoid if you want half a chance at playing this game. As it is, granny’s scooter is so off balance that it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.
To make matters worse, granny’s scooter runs out of gas faster than a Lamborghini on the autobahn with the throttle wide open. Granny ain't going far, because her scooter has a 3 ounce gas tank that hemorrhages fuel. The solution? You guessed it: buy more fuel. The in app purchases in this game are more like a hunting trap just waiting to catch big game; or big gamers, as the case may be.
The controls work well enough; just thumb buttons onscreen to throttle forward and back. But the scooter has virtually no speed or sense of gravity. There’s simply no way to play this without spending money on upgrades. And that would be fine if the game was a worthwhile racer. But it’s a granny on a scooter and the joke gets old fast.
Angry Gran Racing is cute to look at, but it runs my tablet hot for what little is happening onscreen. And the greedy in app purchases blatantly sacrifice quality game play. Granny’s got one hand in your wallet from the word go. She’s cute, but also a bit of a charlatan.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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