graBLOX Puzzle Game
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graBLOX Puzzle Game
graBLOX Puzzle Game
graBLOX Puzzle Game
graBLOX Puzzle Game
graBLOX Puzzle Game
graBLOX Puzzle Game

Review graBLOX Puzzle Game

Sergei Petrov
Developers from the studio MobilityWare unexpectedly gave us a very interesting and unique puzzle-puzzle called graBLOX. In this game we have to move along the adjacent blocks, and then they burn at one point, as we go through the level. But in reality, things are not so simple, and in this game you have to think, very much.
The game has 8 unique units with their own abilities, but the key - the simple, white, square block performs only one function: it attracts objects around the four axes. Thus, we need to click on the correct sequence of blocks, so that they are attracted to each other and formed a company for 3 blocks side by side, then they self-destruct.
The entrance level has been relatively easy, but with the introduction of new units with special features, the game becomes more complex. For example, already in the seventh level of the game will be sleeping unit that when he starts pulling the sleepy or the fear of attracting blocks. Thus, you need to think of ways a chain reaction to destroy as a result of all the blocks.
A little later into play units that can not hold their own in the air and are constantly falling down and droplets, which can be destroyed by pressing and lightning blocks, destroying all around. Starting from level 21, the game can not only classify the blocks and push stale cluster of clouds.

Features graBLOX:

  • More than 100 unique levels;
  • 8 unique units with their own abilities;
  • Colorful and nice HD-graphics;
  • Unique and exciting gameplay.
Gameplay is built correctly and wisely, for example, for convenience, the screen can display a grid field. Also, if you made a wrong turn, do not have to replay the level again, it is enough to just cancel, and you can cancel any number of moves. For extreme levels can use help. True, they need to save, because in the beginning there are only three, and then you have to make or buy for real money.


GraBLOX game is absolutely free, while there is almost no built-in advertising, but the passage does not cause any problems, and we can well do without being told. I tried to find significant drawbacks and pitfalls, but he could not do it. This is really a very sensible jigsaw puzzle for Android, which will remain on my smartphone for a long time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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