The Great Fusion
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The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion

Review The Great Fusion

Enozia Vakil
Interesting plot, true-to-life game play, interesting game play
No significant shortcomings
‘From rags to riches’ – that’s what defines the objective of The Great Fusion in a nutshell. Being a popular scientist in 2012, you were however fired from your job because of the increasing corruption and poverty problems. By 2022, you are just a bum living in an apartment and haven’t paid your rent for 2 months.
Since the increasing poverty cause problems all around the globe, an agreement was settled between countries which came to the conclusion that the middle class and lower class have to pay huge taxes to satisfy the needs of the higher class people. Hence there were only 2 classes of people existing by 2022 - the lower class and the higher class, the former occupying 98% of the total population. As being a part of the lower class, you have to struggle and strive and decide wisely what to do next to get out of your miserable fate and once again get the job you deserve.
The gameplay is quite challenging and you will be stuck for a while wondering what to do next. Interactiveness is at its best with The Great Fusion compared to all other games of this type since you interact with people, make choices, combine objects to something new and use the items in your inventory with other elements in the environment. Music leaves a bit of humor in it to be desired but it’s not the same with graphics as they are exactly the way as a poverty stricken area in 2022 should be.
With that explained, it is pretty clear that The Great Fusion is a great game for both those who love point-and-click games and those who don’t. But as far as ‘value for money’ comes into the picture, it is not easy to recommend the great fusion as it offers only slightly more options to the game than the free ones.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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