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Review Downcount

Vlad Popa
Does what it says, simple interface
Limited features
Downcount for Android is one of the simpler apps out there. It allows you to add, you’ve guessed it, countdowns, as many as you want them.
Just tap the little + button, add a title and a date and you’re all set. The app will then count down how many days to the set date. It would have been nice if the app had the option to add countdowns with smaller units of time. The rest of the controls are fairly simple enough. Swipe a countdown away to delete it or tap and hold on a countdown in order to edit it. The one problem i did seem to have was that once edited it took some time for the new information to be displayed correctly.
It’s nice that the countdowns can be added to the home screen as widgets, but they could have used a bit more elaborate design and perhaps the option to open the app when the widget is tapped. The same can be said for the app itself, it’s nice and simple but could use a few more features and a more unique design.
The app does what it says, no more, no less. Downcount feels like a developer’s first app. It’s pretty well implemented but missing lots of features. The ads are present but not really intrusive and can be removed by purchasing the app. I guess if you have the need for daily countdowns to say... days until your favorite game or movie comes out then the app could find some use, otherwise you can pretty much live without it or pick one of the better countdown apps out there with more features.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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