City of Secrets
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City of Secrets
City of Secrets
City of Secrets
City of Secrets

Review City of Secrets

Sergei Petrov
City of Secrets - is a new game from Polish developer, made ​​in the genre of interactive quest in which to find items, combine them, solve puzzles and more. The game drawn colorful scenery, and the characters themselves are made in 3D, and can be moved around the free space. In this game we will lead the fun and charismatic, but short-sighted dog, as well as a clever beaver, which have all the time to help out his partner.
Control of the game is very simple. Click on the object or place on the floor, and our hero is moved to the object. When you click on an object, the characters express their comments and perform different actions.

The main features of City of Secrets

The main feature of this quest - it's sparkling humor that pervades the entire gaming process inside and out. From the beginning, the main characters are talking and arguing with the voice-over, all the problems are solved with irony and humor on himself. And in general, a mole and a dog and then reproached for developers is difficult task, for the bad animation. In short, self-criticism guys from Polish studio Aidem Media all right.
The second feature of the game City of Secrets can be called a good balance between interesting problems and their complexity. We pass all the tasks easily enough, but not enough to become boring. All the tasks are quite unusual and creative solutions, therefore, to solve most of the tasks, it is necessary to use not only the mind and logic, but also to show their imagination.
The game will always have to work with two characters and use their strengths and weaknesses. If you get stuck somewhere, there is always an opportunity to use a hint. However, they are of two types: text hint of what to do, and has a full hint showing where to go and what to do.
Since the game is absolutely free, it is available to you at the start of only the first few levels for review. If you enjoy the game, then for subsequent levels will have to pay real money in the sum comes to 150 rubles, in principle, very little for the quest of similar quality.


City of Secrets - it is a very qualitative and interesting quest story, which is to download and install all fans of the genre. Game immediately conquers his charm, quality voice acting, nice graphics and an incredible sense of humor.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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