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Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem
Major Mayhem

Review Major Mayhem

Sergei Blyudov
Playing Major Mayhem - a real gem in the world of Android-taymkillerov, which immediately captivated me easy, convenient and dynamic gameplay. In this game we are given the role of Major Mayhema brave soldier, who seemed to come down from the American films about the war in Vietnam. Order for the immediate start of the fight against the forces of evil to us personally gives the U.S. president, who for some reason was suddenly white. Download Major Mayhem is absolutely free from the app store and Google Play our website (link below).
The game blended several genres, there is also familiar to us for games Temple Run and Agent Dash , running component (not complicated, but rather for fun), and, most importantly, shooting at live targets, as well as a whole bunch of arcade and entertaining elements.


  • Excellent 3D-graphics and animation;
  • 45 levels of non-stop action and four modes of play;
  • More than 100 achievements and 150 mini-missions;
  • 20 unique weapons and abilities of five;
  • Huge opportunities for character customization and more.
At the beginning of each mission, we descend from a helicopter and begins to run, at first through the jungle, and then will go to the village, the desert and the city. After a certain period of time, our hero stops in the shelter (for stone, boxes, wall) and on all sides of him starting to pop up endless enemies, which you have to shoot by pressing your finger on the objects.
The enemies also shoot at us, but because we are in the shelter, not all of us afraid of bullets. Those potential shots that can do us damage, marked in red, and they must be addressed first. Initially, we only have three lives. On first contact with us helmet flies, the second we lose vest and in the third we die, and then we can start the level again, or pay 500 gold pieces for the resurrection.
When injected into the head of the enemy gets double the damage, and we have extra points and precious gold, which can be spent on the purchase of new uniforms.
Each level brings something new to the game, and the gameplay because it does not get tired, on the contrary, with each new mission, we get even more dynamic, enemies, explosions and drive.


Major Mayhem - a near perfect free taymkiller for Android, the best of a difficult, fairly nice, fairly dynamic. And to complete the game is not necessarily to pour in real money, it all depends on your skill and reaction.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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I love this game.. i completed all levels .. its an amazing shooting game 
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