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Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush
Throne Rush

Review Throne Rush

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, decent graphics
Zoom sucks, uses a lot of system resources, not interesting game play
Throne Rush for Android is very refined and polished, yet more needs to be done to make this game playable, let alone an enjoyable experience. As it is, it all kind of shoots itself in the foot.
Throne Rush is a familiar game we've all seen before; so much so, that the developers themselves don’t even bother explaining what it’s about in their Google play description. So, let me give it a whirl: Throne Rush is your basic “it takes a village” kind of game, where you build up your medieval little town then engage in battles against the enemy. The problem is, the zoom feature is so terrible that this game literally assures you will be kept as far away from the action as possible. It’s as if the game perched you atop the nearest hill and you have to squint to see everything happen off in the distance. This isn't so bad when you’re just building up your village, but during the battles it just plain ol’ sucks.
The controls are just simple taps that seem to register well. The game really ran my CPU hot, which really doesn't make sense, given how little is seen onscreen. All that hard work in programming is for naught if it can’t be seen and enjoyed. It’s like a movie that spends a bunch of money on stuff that isn't even in the movie. If its not going to add to the enjoyment for your audience, why even do it? Translation, first and foremost, this is for your players. Let them in on the action, don’t keep them at bay.
All the fonts are very tiny as well. This would be a nightmare to play on a phone. The little of the battle animation I did see looked pretty cool. You deploy your troops and then itty bitty little medieval solders run around stabbing and killing everyone. I suppose it could be a village of itty bitty villagers. But whatever the case, they just look like ants someone should stomp on; therein ending this microscopic battle.
The game is very heavy handed in the obligatory, 'buy this to get that,' style of play. I wish all these apps would go back to the old Arcade standard of play and just charge 25cents to play 1 game. When you lose, you pay to play again, or just walk away. As it is, all this manufactured promise of fun and excitement, if only you buy this or that, really kinda sucks. It’s like inviting someone over for dinner and then telling them forks and knives cost extra; or just eat with your hands, it still tastes good. Just give me the whole game and charge me per play. As it is now, all these games offer is a taste, and then immediately stick their hand out wanting money. For what? Reading the menu?
Is Throne Rush a good game? I’ll let you know when I see it. The zoom is terrible and the game play is exceedingly common. Nothing new or inventive is happening as of yet. It shows promise.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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Hasib Ullah
i like it ... this is my faverit game
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