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Review Yandex.Mail

Sergei Petrov
Yandeks.Pochta application for Android has appeared for a long time and for some years has undergone great changes, not only related to design, but also functional. Not so long ago ceased to be a service yandeksovsky exclusively by mail, as this has got built-in services, as Yandeks.Disk.


Yandeks.Pochta client has a very simple and intuitive interface. Switch up the program menu, there are buttons mail, disk, and status messages. The default folder is always open "Inbox", and you can safely move and move messages where you want.
If we compare the e-mail application from Yandex with the main competitor, Gmail, then the choice is not in favor of the former. Still, Google's product and running quickly, and in general, for many useful functions. But the post office Yandex has several important advantages - it is a huge audience in Russia and the habit of our people trust the people's manufacturer.
Serious shortcomings service Yandeks.Pochta want to synchronize the impossibility united and moved to other programs. What does this mean? The program is not prescribed in paragraph settings "Accounts & sync". And if you're coming home, turn it off, then the mail message still comes to your smart phone, although you can watch them on your computer already. It is very distracting, and have forcibly disable the program or sound.
By pleasant moments include the possibility of exhibiting quiet hours. But still would like the program to be integrated into the overall ecosystem of notifications and account, and did not live in his own world.


Attention! On September 6, 2012 Yandeks.Disk program was distributed separately from the mailer. Full review of the new program, see here .
Cloud storage from Yandex on a separate tab in the email application. Functions is not a lot, but their task (loading files) program deals "with a bang." Liked the opportunity to immediately download the entire folder and highlight a few files.
At this point, Yandeks.Disk distributes most free space: as much as 10 GB to 5 at Google Drive , 7 GB in SkyDrive and 2 GB at DropBox . In addition to downloading, uploading files, cloud-based applications more can not do anything, but it is understandable, because it is still Beta-version. The best part - the fact that the speed of downloading and uploading it has the highest among competitors. In addition, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the data is transmitted by Wi-Fi, as a network server, which is very quick.


Yandeks.Pochta - a simple and convenient application without alternatives, if you use yourself by Yandex. In addition, Yandeks.Disk - this is a great free add-on that is a sin not to use, at least, to download photos to your computer via the cloud.

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