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Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash
Castle Clash

Review Castle Clash

Vlad Popa
Interesting graphics, the game is addictive
Repetitive music, low quality animation
Castle Clash is built around tycoon games, but adds an interesting twist, by giving you the ability to train an army and set out to vanquish your enemies.
The game starts out simple, you are granted a small village, a few troops and some resources. From here you must expand by spending resources in the shop to buy buildings and then placing them on the map. Defense buildings help protect you from other players that may try to raid your village, a good defense can help you hold on to your resources. Attack buildings will help you to train troops and heroes and to learn magic abilities which you can use to help your troops in battle. Resource buildings help by producing resources or by increasing your storage capacity. Once you feel ready you can send your troops in battle, either against enemy players, or in dungeons to fight against opponents. Once you’ve found an opponent you choose what unit to place and then tap to choose from what direction that unit will attack.
The game is quite addictive and fun but be prepared to invest a lot of time and/or money into it if you want to truly explore all of its potential. Once you advance to a certain degree upgrades tend to take a lot longer.
The game is a great time killer. The repetitive music and sound effects may make you just listen to your own music and the potential to add an awesome story might seem wasted, but the game makes up with decent graphics and nice gameplay. There are plenty of fun things to do such as: testing your defenses against the AI, earning achievements, leveling up your heroes and much more. As always the addition of multiplayer is very welcome giving the game that much more depth.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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why can't i download the app? i have 4.0.4 yet it says device not compatible for my lg optimus l3 e400.. can someone humor me if it is really imposible?
Vlad Popa
For all intents and purposes it should be compatible. Can you describe what is happening when you try to download the app in more detail? Does Google Play indicate that the app is incompatible? Is the download being cut-off?
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