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Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, exciting plotline, interesting game play, really addictive
Needs to be elaborated
Hitman GO for Android is an original puzzler of a game. Think Chess, but Hitman style. It’s quite addictive and fun. It’s also very challenging.
Hitman GO takes place on an interactive 3D virtual game board. You are the Hitman and your corresponding piece on the game board is a slick looking Jason Statham kind of guy. He’s dressed sharp in a suit and tie; he's cunning and ruthlessly deadly. Your job is to evade the henchmen and make your way through the maze to the exit space.
The henchmen are each represented by their own game piece on the board. They all look like mindless goons, so it should be easy to fool and evade them, right?? Wrong. There are set paths of movement on the game board, and you have to decide which way to go so as not to be seen by the henchmen. If their game piece is facing to the side or has their back to you, then you can sneak up on them and take them out. Move your Hitman game piece one swipe at a time to other spaces on the board. But be careful, because if you are 1 move away from a henchman and he’s facing you, then you’re toast and he’ll take you out, pronto.
The game gets real interesting and challenging as you work through the levels. The board becomes more complex and there are more and more henchmen to deal with. Some spaces on the board will have a rock on them; pick it up and toss it to one of 4 predetermined spaces to cause a distraction. Toss your rocks right, and the henchmen will look to see what the noise was, giving you the opportunity to sneak up and take them out. It’s all very simple yet thoroughly complex. You really have to think and be strategic to evade the henchmen, take them out and get to the exit space.
The locale looks to be the Big Boss’ mansion, and each level works you through the posh grounds, presumable getting closer and closer to your ultimate target: the Big Boss. Graphics are very nicely done. Animation is simple and clean. Controls worked perfectly with no glitches.
Hitman GO is a thinking man’s game. It takes skill and strategy to win this one and it will definitely hold interest and keep you engaged. This is a fantastic game. Very polished and expertly executed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some goons to fry and a Big Boss to assassinate.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
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