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Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape
Just Escape

Review Just Escape

Enozia Vakil
Decent graphics, really addictive
High difficulty
Just Escape, as the name suggests, is a ridiculously difficult puzzle game where you’ve to find a way out of the room in which you are locked by finding the key.
If you’re wondering - how hard is it to find a key in a room? Well, it is. You’ll have to combine, inspect, dismantle, and use certain items in the room to your benefit and finally get the key to unlock the door and just escape. Although you get 5 free hints that give you a sneak peek into what to do next, be careful - you may end up using them in the initial levels itself. As the number of items in your inventory increases, it becomes more and more difficult to progress since the number of items that can be combined, inspected, dismantled and used are increased.
There are a lot of different types of levels in two different time modes to play - one in the medieval times, and the other with a more futuristic theme. A motel version is also expected to arrive soon, but till then I can bet you’ll be stuck on a particular level for quite a while until you finally find a solution or a walkthrough.
Download it for it’s challenging gameplay (albeit too hard at times) and the amazing diversity in different levels for keeping you hooked on to it. If only would the developer add extra free hints for opening the game daily, or any other method to get them, the game would be a splendid one with almost nothing to complain about.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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