Draw and Guess with Croco
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Draw and Guess with Croco
Draw and Guess with Croco
Draw and Guess with Croco
Draw and Guess with Croco
Draw and Guess with Croco
Draw and Guess with Croco

Review Draw and Guess with Croco

Alexander Vorobyev
Draw and Guess with Croco is a really sweet guess-the-word game for Android devices that lets you become a painter and train your wit. It’s a multiplayer game where people from all around the world meet to guess some words and have fun.
This game was released by OpenMyGame studio and became quite a hit among players of all ages. It features three languages (English, German, and Russian) and lets you guess or draw one of 4.000 words from the database.

Game play

The game controls are really easy. Manage your profile and then just tap on Play. In a matter of ten seconds or so you will be connected to a room with one drawer and five people who need to guess the word. By the way, don’t be shy if you have been chosen as a drawer, it’s a lot of fun! If this is the case, just choose the word, (the more difficult it is, the more points you receive) and go for it!
If you managed to be the first to guess the meaning, just type it in or use voice recording feature. You will be awarded with points and will go up in the rating chart. Also, you can chat with other people during the game as only the drawer can’t use the chat. Every round lasts five minutes.
The drawing tools feature color, brush size, and brush opacity, which is more than enough to draw a good picture. Show how good you are at guessing and drawing and share your results with friends afterwards!

Mode of guessing words

Key features of Draw and Guess with Croco for Android:

  • Simplicity;
  • A lot of words;
  • Many players from all around the world;
  • Really light app that brings lots of fun;
  • Rating system.
There are drawbacks here too, though. Sometimes it takes too long to find people for playing, whilst some of them often just chat without guessing anything or draw something inappropriate.


Draw and Guess with Croco is a nice draw-and-guess game for Android that lets you play with other people from all around the world and have fun. It’s light and fancy!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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