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Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard
Minuum Keyboard

Review Minuum Keyboard

Enozia Vakil
Interesting functionality, no ads
No significant shortcomings
Typing on a smartphone has evolved from the traditional ‘123’ keypad to the QWERTY ones, and yet, new concepts keep coming everyday. Minuum keyboard is one of those to include a new concept by keeping the keyboard real small to type.
Yeah, it does sound crazy to have a small keyboard for a much efficient typing, but think of it as the auto correction on steroids when you have a small keyboard. The full layout of the keyboard occupies a really small area and when you type something, it auto corrects to the most predictable word from the English dictionary you would’ve typed.
You can swipe towards the right to add a space, and towards the left to backspace. Although this might sound good to the ones who are completely formal in English, but the BRB, LOL, or ASAP kind of people will certainly find difficult to get used to, and hence, there’s the full keyboard in its normal size available by pressing both the thumbs together on the small keyboard.
The larger keyboard is also full fledged, keeping a number of handy features at your disposal. Typing on the full keyboard was a complete pleasure, and you can expect around 97% of accuracy during typing, along with the small auto correct switch available and the numbers arranged as the ones in a phone’s dialing pad, so you can add numbers easily too.
The only drawback was the persistence of the small keyboard - so if you want the full keyboard, you always have to touch your two thumbs together. There are a variety of settings to fiddle around as well in which you can change the look and feel, sound and vibrations and some experimental and advanced features.
Although in beta, Minuum keyboard sure is a great keyboard for your money, and does not have stability issues as such. Test out the free version if you like, it’s available too, and if you also like it, it’s a touch away.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 8/10
Design 7/10
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