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Star ChartEscapist Games Limited
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: 23 Jan 2012 Updated: 09 Jan 2014 Version: Version and the size depend on your device


Star map in your smart phone
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
Star Chart is a great and highly-educative application for Android devices that is trusted by over 10 mln users who use it to be able to easily contemplate the stars. The program uses your location and g meter to display a star chart with detailed information on every star and constellation in the skies where you are located.
This software was released by Escapist Games Limited and became a trend of its own kind. It has a simple interface, automatically detects your positions, and shows where the stars and other space objects are located very accurately.

Interface and capabilities

Upon launching the program you will either need to specify you location coordinates manually or choose automation GPS detection (the former is obviously a safer and more accurate option). After that just move your device around and you will see the night sky map with all stars, galaxies, constellations, and other space objects are located. That may come in really handy when you want to show some constellation to a friend or your date, but forgot where exactly it is or how it’s called.
Using this software you can also receive detailed information like distance, altitude, and so on about any space object. Apart from it, if you enter the search option, you will be able to look for anything you need to find on the night sky. Also, you can buy app extensions that include info on meteor showers, comets, satellites, etc.

Key features of Star Chart for Android:

  • Simple interface;
  • Neat built-in short video clips;
  • Easy navigation by moving your device;
  • Detailed information on any space object;
  • Search system;
  • Ability to buy add-ons.
This is decent educational software that will become a good fit both for space enthusiasts or common people. It has no major drawbacks.


Star Chart is an amazing application for Android that can help you learn new things, meditate in the space, or show something exciting to a friend. Highly recommended!


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