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Review X-Bugs

Sergei Petrov
Do not like insects? Who loves them? Especially when they come uninvited to your home and begin to take a crap in it. They need to be stopped immediately! In this way we are going to do in the new exciting game for Android called «X-Bugs».
The prefix "X" in this case means that the attack on us not just bugs, beetles and these mutants that were born thanks to the mad doctor experiments. Well, what would have to be armed with a fly swatter, a hammer, a sword and a chainsaw, but what else?
The gameplay in X-Bugs is a very simple and intuitive. At the first level on us crawl hordes of beetles, and we need to quickly push their fingers. Is literally the third level will be much more difficult to play, and we should not wield a finger, but a hammer with a fly swatter, the latter, it is not difficult to guess, is for the flying pests.

Features X-Bugs for Android:

  • More than 60 levels, split into three companies, at the end of each of which we are fighting the bosses;
  • Huge selection of weapons, which should be selected for a specific opponent;
  • OpenFeint integration with the service with the possibility of competition;
  • Simplified regime for children;
  • Three game modes (Survival, playing time and the company).
One of the most interesting features of the game are the bonus area. The closer the beetle will be selected to the passage, the more points and money will give for his murder. In the later levels, the beetles are able to hide behind objects, run, winding paths, and even (horror of horrors!) Anticipate your moves.
Despite the fact that the aim of the game is always the same (the destruction of the hated intruders), gameplay can change dramatically depending on the weapon. Took the sword? Well, go out and play Fruit Ninja . Scored blades that must be correctly rank the field? Here's a tactical strategy.
However, despite the arcade slant, X-Bugs - it's very, very difficult game, where the levels are passed far from the first attempt, and the fingers start to hurt after 5 minutes of continuous play.
Outcome. X-Bugs was a real pleasant surprise, appearing in Google Play. It can be played for a long time, and it is perfectly in order to pass the time, sitting somewhere, waiting. And the children and does not tear away from this game, because it is available to a special mode where they just can not lose.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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