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Triple Town
Triple Town
Triple Town
Triple Town
Triple Town

Review Triple Town

Sergei Petrov
Triple Town - is an easy to learn and very interesting puzzle, which, to be successful, have to learn to think ahead. It is immediately noticed that the game has been awarded a number of awards in the categories Best Game Facebook, the best Indie-games and the best social games.
Triple Town game can be downloaded for free from Google Play, with no in-game advertising and monetization depends on the purchase bonus, simplifying the game, but it does not affect the process.

How to play Triple Town for Android

Geimpley game is a puzzle-strategy, which must be properly and judiciously to group like elements in the design of three series. As soon as you put the same third object, they will merge into a new one. For example, of the three shrub grows a flower bed, and three beds grows a tree, three trees also grow house and so on.
In the game a huge set of reincarnations, and, if the aim, in Triple Town can build up a huge city with castles and stone houses.
That the process does not seem boring, the map of the future of the city will fall randomly monster bears, which are also randomly move around the empty box. If the bear caught and beat the grass, he shall die, leaving the grave, and if you hold both the three bears, then a cemetery. And here it is important to determine the right angle, they will be far better to drive, because the order - is the foundation of success in Triple Town.

Strategic development in Triple Town

To begin building the best cards from the edges and the center of the track and recommend keeping always free. If you close in the corner of an empty cell, which will be fenced trees, you actually lose your precious space. That's just for such cases in the game and making a store where for bonus money you can just buy a tree or other object.
Initial money, usually only enough for a couple of purchases, but more, or pour in Triple Town real money, or try to avoid such situations. Some especially honest players hack Triple Town, with special programs, but we're not going to use it?
Outcome. Triple Town - a very interesting and colorful and, besides, "shareware" game. Conditionality is that after a few hours of play, the application will give you a message that "free moves over," and offered to buy add-on that will open endless moves.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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