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Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher

Review Apex Launcher

Jay Feldman
Simple interface
Not powerful enough
Apex Launcher for Android tries to be a modern and comprehensive launcher. However, the execution is heavy handed and offers little originality.
Apex Launcher is a decent launcher. If you don't know what a launcher is, basically, it's what happens when you hit the 'home' button on your gizmo; that's called a launcher. So this app replaces your stock launcher with Apex. Why change your launcher? Typically, to gain added features and functionality that your default launcher does not possess. Unfortunately, Apex offers little to motivate the switch. Worse still, the app makes the process of uninstalling this app needlessly convoluted. Clearly the developers want to discourage anyone from easily getting rid of their launcher, and I find that to be a tad manipulative. A worthwhile launcher stands on its own merits, and doesn't need to force itself upon you, like Apex clearly attempt to do.
Aside from your basic icons, Apex offers little originality. The best feature by far, was the ability to long-press an icon which then opened a short menu. From there, you could perform a few useful tasks not normally offered by other launchers; the best of which, being the ability to uninstall unwanted apps via this popup menu. The irony wasn't lost on me that Apex makes it easy to uninstall everyone else's app, but their own.
Apex Launcher is decent, but solidly mediocre. it doesn't offer much, and I hated the Hotel California mentality of, once you join Apex, you can never leave. At least not easily.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 5/10
Design 7/10
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MUHAMMED NIGERIA11 Feb 2016, at 19:44Nokia X
Brandon Girod
Apex is one of the best launchers out there, let us know what you think when you get it. 
Hi, just received the new xiaomi Redmi note 2 helio x10 from china, have tried apex and from settings touching wlan does not work goes blank screen and then back to home screen sim cards goes straight to home screen
Tariq Abdulla
not too familar with this one but you may need to run the launcher by opening the app to first start it, then set it as the default lancher action
yep tried that, even when set as default launcher still the same, think it is not compatible with the helios x10
Oi! O Meu Samsung Galaxy Mini é Europeu, e ele não tem a Opção de atualizar, como os outros gaxy mini tem. Como eu posso atualizar ele, se ele não tem essa opção?
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