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Review eBay

Tariq Abdulla
Powerful functionality, neat design, completely free
Lags here and there
Remember listing your stuff on eBay in the old days? You had to take photos of the item with your digital camera, then fiddle about with the SD card slot on your laptop, or find the right USB cable. It was like living in the stone ages. Where did we find the time? It just seemed to take forever! Thank goodness things have moved on!
With eBay for Android, you can of course fill an item description and take some photos of your item in one seamless step, without putting your phone down. It’ll prompt you for all the things you need like postage options, description and condition, and you’ll have that item you can’t wait to get out of your life forever up on the internet in a matter of minutes.
eBay for Android won’t stop you from buying some useless junk off eBay that you don’t actually need, but with the smartphone app installed you’ll be able to get rid of that junk again all the more rapidly. Of course, unlike Gumtree, eBay does charge you some fees for listing and selling your stuff, which can be quite significant. But set against this is the fact that your item will be viewed by a greater range of people, and so you can be confident that somebody, somewhere, will actually buy it.
The categorisation and SEO on eBay is also quite a lot better than that of Gumtree, so it’s more likely that someone who wants Bananarama records will find yours, wherever they happen to live. And of course eBay has Paypal integration, and a greater level of buyer and seller protection. Say you inadvertently bought something that later turned out to be a stolen good. With eBay, you could get your money refunded quite quickly. If you paid cash, after finding it on Gumtree… not so much. Both services have their own niche, and it pays to use each to its own advantages.

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Usefulness 10/10
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Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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