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Jay Feldman
Posted: Jay FeldmanTested 23 Apr 2017 on Samsung Galaxy S III (LTE)

Charts And Graphs Made Easy
Nice interface, stylish design
Needs to be elaborated

Trackthisforme for Android is a really good app. I've searched high and low for a simple app that can just track data over time, and have not been able to find any good ones for quite a while now. But this one fit's the bill nicely.
Trackthisforme is brilliant in its simplicity. It's visually inviting and has a lot of useful features. You can customize your charts any way you like, with custom units of measure, or whatever format you need to keep track of your data. This would be excellent for graphing workouts, weight loss progress or even just counting sheep at night. (Ok, maybe not. But you get the point.) It would also be a great learning tool for kids. You could set up a system to track chores and teach them how to stay organized while logging progress and results together.
The data can be displayed several ways, including pie charts and graphs. My only complaint is some of the more advanced featured are not available on this free version. However, that is to be expected. There's plenty it can do for you without paying, but some of those added featured would be helpful, so purchasing the Pro version may be justified.


To my knowledge, Trackthisforme is the only app that can chart data like this, with a fast, easy to use interface, and lots of visual feedback on the data being monitored. Would love to see a print option in future versions. I've been looking for this for quite a while, and Trackthisforme was worth the wait. Exactly what I wanted.
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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