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Review Hashnote

Enozia Vakil
Convenient interface, neat design, completely free
Limited features
If there’s anything that sums up versatility in an app, its this one called Hashnote that lets you take notes the twitter way, allowing you to use hashtags and ‘@’ tags here and there.
Open the app and you’ll be invited in the most different (and a slightly eccentric) way. To put simply, the welcome page looks completely apart from the common welcome pages on other android applications with hashtags and ‘@’ tags here and there with the menu on the left which displays all the different types of notes you can make based on hashtags. There’s birthdays, chores, and many others too.
The list automatically gets updated with new mentions of people (the ones with the ‘@’) and new hashtags after you start making notes. While making a new note, you get to use two buttons given either for adding a ‘@’ tag or a hashtag which can be quite handy once you get used to it. Furthermore, you can also backup your notes and import them in case you are doing a factory reset or changing your phone. There is an alternate option of syncing the notes between the device and web as well.
To sum up, Hashnote is an excellent app, with great potential and a fun way of making and remembering notes but only after you get used to it, and all of that without going through the common problems faced while making a note such as due dates and checkboxes. It’s just set it, forget it.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 7/10
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