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Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen
Weather Screen

Review Weather Screen

Jay Feldman
Lots of settings, nice interface, modern design
Lags here and there
Weather Screen for Android is really a unique looking weather widget that’s also a live wallpaper. It’s fully customizable, reactive to touch, movement and is fun to look at.
Weather Screen has live animations that change to depict the time of day and current weather conditions outside. You can set the color scheme to any of the 4 seasons, and there’s also different color choices like sepia, neon, black & white, and so on. So there’s plenty to choose from as far as look and mood. Personally, I like how it just changes on its own. There’s sunshine, butterflies, sunflowers and all that good stuff we once knew as nature, before these tiny screens overran our lives. Sure, you could just look out a window, or maybe even fill your lungs with some fresh air. But there’s no need to trouble ourselves with nature’s beauty when we can just stare at a simulation of peace and tranquility instead. The app even lets you adjust your field of view, so you can make your peek into the virtual outdoors widescreen, panoramic or just a normal glance out a window. The widgets are also very nice; easy to setup and read with full customization.
Custom images can be set and current weather conditions will be overlaid onto it. So you can literally choose any photo you like, or just use one of the embedded ones that come with the app. Either way, it will be a nice way to keep things fresh and interesting. Just change it up once in a while to get a whole new desktop, yet retain the same weather functionality. Cool!
Weather Screen has put the fun back in keeping up with the weather. It’s one of those things that we all keep up on everyday, so this app should have some real universal appeal. Love the original concept and clean execution. No hiccups either! Great app.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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