Heroes : A Grail Quest
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Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest

Review Heroes : A Grail Quest

Jay Feldman
Interesting levels, simple controls, no ads
Mediocre graphics, low quality animation
This is an old school type of strategy game. It’s a turn based game, similar to chess; one side makes a move, then the other, which means not all the action is taking place at once, which can be a good thing. Would be great for kids since it's easy to follow and maneuver. It's a thought provoking app, which relies heavily on smarts, and is stingy on needless overkill.
The objective is to lead your hero and his army through this fantasy, medieval land. Traverse the map to new locales, facing challenges along the way. Find artifacts, gain powers, do battle and expand your legion, all while trying to save the king and his kingdom. It’s a fantasy world, so there’s a lot to the imagination. And naturally, no quest would be complete without magic and dungeons too. The controls work well and are responsive, though the game itself seems a bit sluggish; it’s not a programming issue, it’s just the style of how this game is played. Not big on the sound effects and preferred just silent play. It's challenging and fun though. It reminds me a tiny bit of old school Zelda.


This game shows a lot of promise. Strategy based games can be amongst the most consuming, since they tend to stick with me even after I’m done playing. This game needs some development, but overall, it’s solid and has room to grow. Love the lack of permissions and ads; just pure game play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 4/10
Sound 4/10
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