Godzilla: Strike Zone
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Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone
Godzilla: Strike Zone

Review Godzilla: Strike Zone

Jay Feldman
Cool, intense, excellent game play
Godzilla: Strike Zone for Android is a perfect translation of the blockbuster film into app form. The game is broken up into Missions, which replicate scenes and moments that come straight out of the movie itself. So it's literally like experiencing the movie again, but this time, you're inside the action.
The game starts in the back of a military plane. You are amongst the commandos jumping out and skydiving into the city below. Your mission for this leg of the game, is to plummet down with all the other commandos and not bump into any of them. It's challenging, and a real long way down. It really did give me the sensation of skydiving with black ops at night, and hurling into the war zone below. You can repeat missions as often as you like, however, the game does not advance to the next mission until you have successfully completed the current mission. And the game basically continues like that; grabbing moments from the film and translating them into playable missions.
Yes, you do see Godzilla, and again, it's just like the movie. Very dramatic and actually even a little scary. The genius of this game is in it's ability to take you inside the story. It made me feel like I was experiencing the film, and just another character inside the story.
Godzilla: Strike Zone has outstanding graphics. Controls rely on the accelerometer and also touch. 3D perspectives are great. Renders are fast and smooth. I experienced no hiccups, other than sucking at most of this game. The only real drawback is sometimes the accelerometer required me to contort the phone in ways that made it difficult to see and play. Or again, maybe I just suck at this. Either way, it's a lot of fun.
So, do you actually get to face Godzilla head on in battle?
....Spoiler alert - play the game for yourself and find out!


Godzilla: Strike Zone is a model for all blockbuster films to follow. I loved how this game was essentially a reliving of the film and loved the sensation of being a character inside the story. This is the future of apps and movies right here. It actually made me like the film even more.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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