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Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine
Type Machine

Review Type Machine

Jay Feldman
Powerful functionality, convenient interface, modern design
Some could have security concerns
Type Machine for Android is fantastic. Have you ever been typing something on your tablet or phone and then had all your hard work up and disappear? Ah yes, that sinking feeling hits you in the gut and it’s irritating to no end. On a computer, sometimes Ctrl + Z can bring back lost text, but that doesn't work on tablets. You just gotta bite the bullet and retype whatever you lost, gritting through your teeth as you struggle to recapture what was said right the first time. Arrrg!
But wait! For a mere couple bucks, all your life’s problems can magically disappear.…Well ok, maybe not all of life’s problems, but your lost text can certainly be recovered, fast and easy, all thanks to Type Machine!
Activating the service is very easy, and safe. Just follow the onscreen prompts which walk you through the simple process and open up the corresponding menus to enable the features and make the magic happen. Once the app is functioning, you can pretty much forget all about it until you need it. Just work and type as normal, and Type Machine will do the rest for you.
Type Machine operates in the background and listens to everything you type, saving an exact copy in a safe and secure place. If you ever accidentally lose what you were working on, or can’t remember a web page you were reading earlier, then it’s Type Machine to the rescue. Just open up the app and you’ll find a log of your activity. Click on the corresponding entry you are looking for and a history of the text you input earlier will be displayed. Naturally there are security concerns. You don’t want anyone hacking into your device and pluck away passwords you typed, or have your partner discover that love letter you’re typing to a long lost flame. But Type Machine takes that stuff into account and you can set a schedule for how long everything is retained and wiped clean. Plus the app turns off screen captures within the app as an added security feature. You can also blacklist certain apps from being monitored as an added layer of privacy.
Type Machine is invaluable, even though it’s clearly tagged at just a couple bucks. I think it’s worth every penny and will prove its worth the very first time it saves your behind. ( Edit - I could have used Type Machine just now! I lost my review and had to type some of it again - Type Machine for Windows, where are you!?!?!)

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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