Deadman's Cross
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Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross
Deadman's Cross

Review Deadman's Cross

Jay Feldman
Interesting graphics, interesting levels, decent game play
Glitches, is lagging, very common
Deadman's Cross for android has a lot going for it. It’s actually several different games all threaded together. It’s part zombie shootout, part RPG card game and part undead.
Deadman's Cross is very complex. I’m not usually fond of games that require a lot of reading up front just to play, but ok, I went with it on this one. The game essentially unfolds like an interactive anime comic book. The lead characters speak to you as if you are just another character in their world. The explain how and why the earth is in ruin and what your role is in the resulting aftermath.
The game starts as a zombie shootout. Use your virtual cross-hairs to aim your riffle and blast the bits out of their mangled, undead bodies. Each hot scores you a zombie capture, and from what I gather, those captures then become part of your card deck. The game then progresses to several rounds of card play. It’s all very fast and smooth. As the game moves along, you accept jobs and complete tasks, all as part of the large game that’s going on. It’s very elaborate and well thought out. This is the kind of game that might be destined to become a movie in its own right.
The graphics are excellent and very sophisticated. The animation rendered well, but I did experience several hangs and hiccups, and it did drain my battery pretty quickly too. I think my biggest critique would be that it’s a bit bogged down with the story aspect and light on the action. However, that can be a bonus for the RPG lovers out there.
Deadman's Cross is very immersive and will take some commitment to work through it. The graphics and story really draw you in, and offer a dynamic and interesting experience. I just think something needs to be done to streamline the story aspect and inject a little more action into the play. My favorite part was blasting the zombies, but I appreciate the effort to make this game more than just another shootout. Overall, a great game that is sure to get better and better as it evolves.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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Jennifer17 Sep 2014, at 07:01ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7
Game won't work on my Asus memo HD tablet
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