AERENA - Clash of Champions
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AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions
AERENA - Clash of Champions

Review AERENA - Clash of Champions

Jay Feldman
Great Artwork, neat graphics, interesting plot
Glitchy, needs to be streamlined, kills the battery
AERENA - Clash of Champions for Android seems to be part of a new hybrid RPG genre that’s popped up. The graphics are very detailed, however, it’s really more like reading a comic strip than actually playing a game.
AERENA - Clash of Champions shows a lot of promise. The artwork is original and engaging, but easily outshines the game play. The action takes place on a virtual game board that looks like a futuristic aerial cityscape of sorts; part aircraft carrier, part renaissance fantasy. Touch the board to move your game piece to your selected spot and engage in battles against opponents. This is the part where the game starts to unravel for me, because you don’t actually do anything during the battles but watch it unfold. This is fine, in and of itself, and many great games use this method of play. But the graphics here are very choppy, and the screen touches don’t always register cleanly. So the game is kind of bogged down.
Additionally, the graphics are a little overdone. This game would benefit greatly from a little streamlining. As it is, the game uses a lot of system resources for the little that’s going on visually. And my battery definitely got hot and took a big dip. So clearly there’s a lot going on under the hood, but little of that translates onto the screen. As it is, the artwork is the star, however it needs to be supported with a little more substance in presentation and play.
AERENA - Clash of Champions shows promise that has yet ot be realized. There’s an old saying in the movie business – put your money on the screen. If your audience can’t see it, then don’t spend it. This game could make huge improvements in performance and play by heeding those words. I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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