Brave Run 2: Frozen World
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Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World
Brave Run 2: Frozen World

Review Brave Run 2: Frozen World

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, exciting game play, simple controls
Needs to be elaborated, bores you really quickly
Brave Run 2: Frozen World for Android is a classic style, side scrolling action game. Collect coins, jump to higher levels, then leap back down again to attach enemies with your itty bitty sword. It’s fun, though perhaps not very dynamic.
Brave Run 2: Frozen World has a very old school feel to it. It plays well and the controls are responsive. Just tap the screen to jump, and hit the virtual button to swing your sword. The farther you go, the faster our little hero runs and slides. It’s not called ‘Frozen World’ for nothing. There’s patches of ice that pop up unexpectedly and send you sliding, faster and faster; at times bordering on out of control. But all that just adds to the fun. I love how you can jump higher and higher with repeat button presses.
The enemies are amusingly odd. The game seems to take place in ancient times, yet, there are aliens from outer space everywhere. Go figure. Oh, and they seem to have terrible weaponry on the planet they come from, because you can make easy work out of them just with a sword. It’s goofy and entertaining. Each level brings a lightly different locale, but the objective is the same; run, slide, kill aliens, collect coins – oh, and run away from fire breathing dragons looking to eat you up like a toasty little marshmallow! Eeeek!!
Brave Run 2: Frozen World is a lot of fun and reminds me of my old arcade days. I would have pumped all my allowance into this one, 1 quarter at a time. It’s fun, but not sure for how long. It could get redundant, fast. But it’s still worth checking out.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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