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Enozia Vakil
Posted: Enozia VakilTested 09 Apr 2017 on HTC One X

The quicker way to launch apps
Interesting functionality, elaborated design, completely free
Glitches, features ads

QuickClick is a new shortcut application for android runs applications, services, and other stuff through mere clicks of volume buttons, keeping a compact package to be downloaded and reducing memory consumption.
First of its kind, QuickClick sure has a new concept and has introduced a unique way of launching apps only through a sequential clicks of the volume up and down buttons. The main screen shows the option for turning on and off the service, which displays a persistent (and slightly inconvenient) notification, an option for creating a new action, and the actions already created below it (if any). There are several actions that can be carried out through the volume shortcuts ranging from calling a specific contact to launching an app, thus the possibilities are vast.
Next comes the usability, where QuickClick again excels at, the response was snappy and the functions were performed in no time, with the possibility of setting upto 6 volume keys for performing, there’s a lot to do. Go to settings in the application and you can customize all sorts of settings such as the response time of button click, conserving battery life by the service only running when the screen is on, root permissions, allowing to run while music is playing, and many more options.
Thus, keeping aside the battery consumption and the persistent notification, QuickClick is a good app for those who want things done quick and without any glitches whatsoever. For those hate unnecessary ads, there is a premium version available for download too.
Final ratings
Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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