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Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master
Locker Master

Review Locker Master

Enozia Vakil
Nice interface, stylish design, completely free
Uses a lot of system resources, kills your battery
For all those passionate Android users who love customization, Locker Master, is one of the best apps to grab. For starters, its nothing like your monotonous lockers, and makes a simple lockscreen a hub for a plethora of customization options and themes to fiddle around with.
Open the application and you’ll be directly led to the list of all themes available for download, with the sort-of labels on the top-right corner of each theme. There are filters displayed as well where you can browse themes through categories and/or designers too. As for the themes, it is worth mentioning that each theme is unique unlike the themes of other lockscreens, requiring a different way to unlock and with creative effects and animations.
There are a whole lot of interesting features available that include DIY elements such as playing the guitar to unlock or unlocking through pattern on a poker card, difficult lock which requires a specific action to be done by the user to unlock, weather forecast, magic box, sidebars and many more which makes it a full package of lockscreen customization within 6.5 MB, only compromising on the high amount of RAM consumed and a reduced battery life.
To sum it up, an awesome app with even more breathtaking features defines Locker Master, with only negative points lying on the RAM and battery consumption that reduces performance and battery life.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 7/10
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