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Review Flappy48

Jay Feldman
Addictive, one-finger controls
Monotinous, needs to be elaborated
Flappy48 for Android is good fun, for a while. But it does get maddening too. It’s the kind of game you play with lightening speed and repetition, round after round, until it drives you batty and you toss it aside until next time. Kind of a love/hate sorta game.
The concept for Flappy48 is very simple. There’s a square block with the number 2 on it and you have to flap and make him fly through the side scrolling game environment. It’s sort of like a horizontal maze with walls and openings at different heights and you have to flap to fly through the openings without bumping into anything. Just tap your finger onscreen to make your little block flap and fly. It reminds me a lot of Mr. Flap, but this one plays better.
The little block flies pretty well and has some good buoyancy. There’s actually a lot of nuance and precision to the flapping and flight path, which is good because succeeding at this game requires accuracy. As your block flaps through the maze, it encounters other blocks with numbers on them. Flap into the other blocks to merge them together, and their respective number add up to a new number. Some blocks merge together, while others just trail behind you for a while, making it more difficult to fly everyone trough the maze.
Flappy48 is surprisingly addictive. And the controls are very good, which only encourages you to play more and beat your previous score. But it’s also frustrating because I never get far and just keep hitting the restart button again and again. Maddening fun. Give it a whirl!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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