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Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop

Review Chrome Remote Desktop

Jay Feldman
Fast, glitch free, automatic config
Firewall issues
Chrome Remote Desktop for Android is darn near flawless. It takes VPN access to a whole new level of simplicity and function with it's no-brainer setup. Virtually anyone can use this powerful app to control all of their computers, from anywhere in the world, using nothing more than your cell phone. Oh, and the kicker? It's FREE!
I have used all the major VPN apps out there. Team Viewer, Splashtop, Jump and a host of lesser know ones. Which one is best depends on what you're doing with it. I like to view my security cams on my cell while away from home. So I use VPN to log into my security system and check in on things. Splashtop has the fastest video rendering, which is great for me. And Team Viewer has the best options for file transfers, which is also handy. Now, we have Chrome Remote Desktop and I was very excited to give it a try.
The setup of this app is very simple. Just follow the onscreen prompts which will instruct you on how to setup the computers you wish to access. Basically, you just download and install a Chrome plug-in into your browser. Then you add a security pin, and you're basically done. All the heavy lifting and cofigs are done by the plug-in and app, so no worries or tech headaches. Once your computer is set, go back to the app and scan for devices. You'll find your computer listed. Just select it and enter the pin you created, and that's it - you are now controlling your computer with your cell phone, via this free app. Easy-peasy.
Why is this cool? Because it just is. With this app you have instant access to any computer you setup, at all times. Transfer files, access documents, set up print jobs - the possibilities are endless. The speeds are great and it renders video as good as any other app I've tried, if not better. The only hiccups I had were with my firewall. But that's on me, because I keep it pretty tight. But a simple port forwarding string fixed that. Most users won't need to do that, but just be aware. Either way, this app is fantastic.


Chrome Remote Desktop is a 'must have' app for anyone living in the 21st century. (This means you. ;oD) Simply put, this app is invaluable. It's very easy to setup, and you'll be up and running withing minutes; I promise. Google did a great job with this one. My new fave RDP app for sure.

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Usefulness 10/10
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Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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