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APP Lock
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Review APP Lock

Jay Feldman
Powerful functionality, lots of settings
Old fashioned design, lags here and there
APP Lock for Android adds a layer of security and privacy from prying eyes. Lock any app from being used or changed without your knowledge.
APP Lock is a nicely functioning security app. This would be great for parents who want to make sure their kids aren't messing with their phone or downloading games without permission. Just set a numerical pass code and select which specific apps you want APP Lock to monitor and secure. The interface is very clean and user friendly. Just tap icons to the specific apps you want to control, or set universal parameters for your entire device.
*Safety Tip* Be sure to set a recovery email address. That way, if you ever forget your pass code, APP Lock can email it to you so you can unlock your device!
I love the flexibility of this app. Setting specific rules for specific apps is very easy and user friendly. And the lock screen feature should keep nosy co-workers or suspicious lovers from poking around where they don’t belong. You can also lock down your photo gallery, so if you have some embarrassing photos of that wild night you had, no one else can see them ‘by accident’ if they happen to borrow your phone. I also love the location lock; just set it to automatically lock your phone at specific locales, like work, or your mother in-law’s house. ;) You can also set custom backgrounds to your lock screen to give them that personal touch.
APP Lock has a host of advanced features available only on the paid version. The basic version will give you a good idea what this app can do, and offer basic security, but has ads. Overall, I think this is a great app and adds a layer of privacy to your personal device.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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Jodh singh
its not working on BLU advance 5.5 hd
Loaded on Kindle Fire but it is still allowing apps/folders to open. Suggestions?
Clara Lago
I know an app named LEO Privacy,it locks all apps and tools that you don't want others going in to:
I can lock up my Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy with LEO Privacy. And I can also customize my lock mode which allows me to lock different apps under different circumstances. applock is also a good choice, but I think it isn’t smart enough~
this app (APP Lock) doesn't work properly on oppo a33f  first time it works , but after 10 min.s it doesn't work at all

plaese help me

thanks alot
Brandon Girod
Can you be more specific about what issues you're having?
Manjunath AG
hi ,
how to lock the app in moto am. i tried lock the app but is not working can you please helpme out.
this app (APP Lock) doesn't work properly on honor 3c
first time it works , but after 10 min.s it doesn't work at all
plaese help me
thanks alot
Tariq Abdulla
I'm only speculating here, but could it be due to some taskiller or antivirus app you might have running on your device? If you have anything like this, you could try whitelisting this app in them
not able to lock videos in videos valet  
how to lock apps in sony xperia m4 aqua dual
Tariq Abdulla
Have you installed this app? First install the app, then open it up, and select the individual apps that you want to lock
roshan rijal
could not uninstall fro samsung galaxy ace3. help me.
Tariq Abdulla
go into your app draw, hold the icon down, and drag it to "uninstall". or go to settings > apps > tap on App Lock and then uninstall
Waqas Farooq
i updated my xperia z2 in 5.1.1 and then i reset my phone  after that app locks and also other locker dnt lock my apps but it can lock pics and videos,i reinstall this app again and again but it gives same issue please help me 
Tariq Abdulla
I think you'll need to contact the developers about this one
vipin garg
i m using sony xperia m4,when yesterday i m update software(lolipop5.0)....then this not working in my phone...
Tariq Abdulla
you may need to reinstall this app... or it may simply not work, please let us know...
I received moto g 3 from flipkart but the app lock which is preinstalled doesn't work....what could be the teaon???
Tariq Abdulla
what happens when you try running app lock? You could perhaps try to reinstall it?
My son locked himself out of his phone with this and doesn't remember passwords for app or email. Can't uninstall with application manager because it's locked too. Help
Tariq Abdulla
you may have to do what is called a hard / alternate reset. First power down the phone. Usually you have to hold volume up and volume down at the same time. Then hold the power button till you get some options. Scroll down with the volume down button until you get to "factory reset". This will reset ererything on the phone; but if you are lucky most stuff like phone contacts etc are usually backed up in the google account, for when you set the phone up again. www.smartmobilephonesolut...
Engr zahid
I locked it and after some time apps lock leave working and automatically again apps become unhide...why this problwm is i can solve it....i have huawai 4c....any body can help me?
Tariq Abdulla
I'm not sure why this would happen. You might be better contacting the developers to ask them about this problem
my applock hid from setting how i show again kindly guide me. 
This app do not lock the install/uninstall in the galaxy grand 2
if i lock pictures and do a backup then change phone how do  i get back my pictures
Vlad Popa
It all depends on what backup service you use and what it backs up. If you use Google's proprietary service and choose to back up photos, they are restored after logging in and selecting the restore backup option.
  frustrated mom
so my son cant remember his  password with app lock. and i dont know the password  to the question to change his password . I didnt set it he did -.-
Vlad Popa
Sorry to hear you are having trouble. This issue occurs more than you can believe. Please try the following things: when prompted to input the password there should be a "Forgot" or "?" button. Tapping on that should guide you towards resetting the password, IF you or your son know either the security question or security email address inputted when it was set up. Alternatively you can attempt to uninstall the app from the Applications Manager on your device. This should work, as long as the Advanced Protection feature was not activated.
Let me know if the issue is solved or if you require more assistance.
Motorola Razr i useruser
Motorola Razr i useruser06 Feb 2014, at 20:52
The latest release causes my XT890 to reboot frequently after wake up from standby. Now I removed the app my phone is much more responsive and has no reboots anymore!
Update yg terbaru mana
Why I wnt able to download apps lock on my Sony Xperia neo L
Vlad Popa
What exactly is the issue you are encountering? Please try to provide as many details in order to receive proper assistance.
justin holmes
locked my phone with this app, cant get it unlocked forgotten the coad
well, that's retarded
Vlad Popa
There are a few ways to solve this. When prompted to input the password (if you are using a pattern, switch it to the password) tap on the "Forgot" or the "?" button, this should guide you through the password reset, provided you remember your secret answer or your security email.
Alternatively you can attempt to uninstall the app from the Applications Manager, again provided the Advanced Protection setting was not activated.
Please let me know if you are able to solve the issue or require more assistance.
samsung galxay
Shankar p vanzara
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