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Release date: 29 Jan 2012 Updated: 08 Apr 2014 Version: 1.99.2 Size: 2.2 Mb


Block access to any app
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
APP Lock is another program with which you can secure your Android-powered device from use by unauthorized persons. Thanks to her, you can block access to any application that has been pre-installed by the manufacturer or set your own. If someone wants to start that he was not supposed to, he hits a numeric password or unlock pattern.

Additional features

In addition to blocking applications you can block the installation or removal of applications as a means of Google Play Market, and with the file manager. Also you can prevent making calls from your device, protecting this same password or key graphic. Before using APP Lock, you must enter all of the passwords and hints about what you notify the program itself.


Interface and configure APP LockNaturally, the program is protected against unauthorized removal and a timer that will block secure applications over time as you leave them. APP Lock interface is very comfortable and despite the slightly koryavenko translation is pretty clear. With it, you can be 100% sure that an outsider would not get to the hidden features.


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Motorola Razr i useruser06 Feb 2014, 17:52 0
The latest release causes my XT890 to reboot frequently after wake up from standby.
Now I removed the app my phone is much more responsive and has no reboots anymore!
Update yg terbaru manaReply
Why I wnt able to download apps lock on my Sony Xperia neo LReply
justin holmes29 Jun 2013, 19:31 0
locked my phone with this app, cant get it unlocked forgotten the coadReply
well, that's retardedReply
samsung galxay30 May 2013, 08:19 0
Shankar p vanzaraReply