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AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]
AIMP [Beta]

Review AIMP [Beta]

Jay Feldman
Nice interface, modern design
Needs to be developed, very small fonts, limited features
AIMP for Android is a clean, minimalist music player. It’s in beta, so mare work is presumably being done. Overall, it’s a solid entry as is, but there’s definitely room for improvement.
The layout of AIMP is very clean and Spartan; perhaps a little too clean. The fonts are so small that it really is inconvenient to use any of the features. You can add music by local folder or automatically all audio files from an SD card. The process is actually quite fast and seamless. I like the fully customizable equalizer and various options available. You can set custom pause times between tracks, headset button toggle and the mini player visible in the notifications bar. It’s all nicely done and inviting, just disappointingly small.
The real question is, does the world need yet another music player? AIMP is nice, but does it really offer anything more established players don’t already provide. No, not really. I think much more needs to be done as far as innovation to really give this app a shot of longevity or even nominal interest. As it is, it’s pretty bland and not all that unique. All the typical controls are there; repeat tracks, create playlists, group and sort by options. That’s basically it.
AIMP is a decent music player, but that doesn’t add up to anything special as of yet. I’ll be curious to see how it evolves. At this juncture, there are loads of better players out these. Some new element or innovation is needed to help this one rise above the rest.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 5/10
Originality 3/10
Design 7/10
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