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Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2
Battle Run S2

Review Battle Run S2

Dar'ya Suvorova
Perfect soundtrack, decent animation, interesting graphics, online multiplayer, really addictive, unusual game play, convenient controls
Internet connection required, unbalanced difficulty, not interesting to play without paying money, dependence on in-app purchases, greedy donation system
Battle Run S2 is a multiplayer arcade for Android with the fresh and addictive gameplay, lots of the characters, pets, weapons and boxes with surprises… No, no, no! I just have to stop and start once again with the main idea. Oh my God, it’s fantastic! This is what I definitely have to say about this tricky game! I was sure that after Sheep Happens and Ski Safari nothing will absorb me that much. I was sooo wrong.
So what’s the point? The user has to be first who crosses the finish line. If you don’t have a good character, strong pet and much of practice, only the fortune will help you in this mission. You will definitely have a new experience in the rough online battles with the friends and random enemies. There are tons of different tasks every day besides the main goal. These tasks can be hardly called «little» or «mini», considering how hard it is to complete some of them.
For example, there is a task to owe six different pieces of clothes or accessories. That would not be a problem if they didn't cost so much. The other task is to kill some amount of enemies with a saw (meteor, ax, landmine, etc.). But this seems to be impossible in case if you do not have a day off to play or not ready to be a great in-game buyer.
Battle Run S2 has become one of the most addictive games in my entire life. Keep away from it, never play it and don’t even let your kids find out about it. I’m not kidding. One month of instant playing in the bathroom, parks and on my way to any place. Each day, after opening my eyes, I was starting with a new task, pet, and coins collecting. Lots of in-game purchases. It's pretty hard to tell, but that’s a behavior of the experienced and adult player. Seriously, be aware. Go ahead and find something else around here, cheaper and less absorbing.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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