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Review Civiballs

Jay Feldman
Every level brings something new, the game is addictive, interesting game play
Needs to be elaborated, aggressive ad system
Civiballs for Android comes from a familiar genre. It's a little like Cut The Rope, with a dash of Rube Goldberg and a little time travel tossed in. The lead character is a nerdy scientist and his sidekick monkey, so what's not to like? Visit the ancient Romans, Vikings and Incans and play with their balls. What? That's what the game is about, dude. Don't be trippin' on the messenger.
Civiballs is more than a little quirky. The graphics definitely give the feel and look of ancient times, which is the best twist to this familiar game. Basically, you need to get your ball (or balls, as the game advances) from the starting point, into the receptacle that looks like an artifact vase or something. Naturally, there's obstacles, like balls dangling from chains that need to be slashed to create movement and chain reactions. Ramps and cannons keep things interesting. Just swipe and poke the screen in the right sequence to hit, rebound and launch your ball, moving it through he maze, and hopefully, into the vase.
The game gets really interesting as you advance, especially when there's multiple balls that need to be guided toward the finish, with multiple possibilities and chain reactions to figure out. This is one of those games that is a little maddening and addictive. You always feel like you almost got it, but often don't. But the game play is fast and snappy, so it doesn't take long to restart rounds, learn form your mistakes, and do better and better with each try. It's challenging without being impossible or monotonous. In short, it's actually interesting and fun.
The Achilles heel of this game is all the tedious ads. I know developers need to make some coin for all their hard work, but as it is, the ads just get in the way and hinder the game play.
Civiballs has a lot going for it. the graphics and sounds are interesting. the plot is engaging and the puzzlers are fun without being impossible. It's just a shame that the adds are so annoying and obfuscate a lot of the enjoyment.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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