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Iron Force
Iron Force
Iron Force
Iron Force
Iron Force
Iron Force

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Jay Feldman
Decent animation, interesting graphics, exciting plot
Glitches, graphics could have been better, animation is a bit laggy, dependence on in-app purchases
Iron Force for Android is fun enough, however, a little clumsy in execution. The graphics look good but play out more like a retro tank game. However, it's still fun.
Iron Force takes place in a military compound. I'm not clear if this is enemy territory or just a training ground for war games. Either way, you're in control of a pretty mean looking tank. The display offers a POV from just behind your tank, so you can see the locale in relation to your tank. There's also visual feedback and data, alerting you to where other tanks are, what kind they are and country of origin. Just move the virtual joystick to drive the tank, aim the turret and fire on other tanks. Make them go boom before they make you go boom. Simple enough.
The controls are a bit sluggish. Aiming with any hope of accuracy is very tricky, and when I did actually get off a shot, it often didn't go where I expected it to. That's partly because I suck at this game, but also because the controls lack refinement. The graphics are equally choppy. I'm not sure if they were going for a retro feel, but it definitely plays like an old arcade game that lacks the processing power to render the animation smoothly. The game recommends a stable internet connection to play. Well, mine is rock solid and this game still played choppy, so there's something more that's needed here, over and above solid internet speeds.
Overall, Iron Force has a lot of potential, so I'm rating it based on that. A little more work needs to be done for this game to actually be enjoyable. however, it's a solid entry in the combat genre. I'll be curious to see how future upgrades impact performance and presentation.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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Iron Force is the most rigged game out there. The Chinese have it set so Chinese and Russian flag tanks go faster, fire quicker and hardly get hit. The lag is terrible where you won't move for a long time. Everything costs huge bucks and the owners EA and Chillingo could not care less about the horrible customer service. Stay away from this pos !
1Badass23 Sep 2016, at 19:57Amazon Kindle Fire
Keeps saying... "Iron force Isn't compatible with any of my devices" which is bollocks coz I have it on 3.!
addictive and can easily get expensive, cant stand that I am limited to only playing it on my phone, 2nd LT ranking, I wish I could play my saved game on my home pc also.
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