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Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket
Flop Rocket

Review Flop Rocket

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, interesting levels, simple controls
Bad physics, mediocre graphics
Flop Rocket for Android comes from a genre of retro video games that I really love. It's a cartoonish rocket flaying, side-scrolling maze kind of game. Think Super Mario, but with an itty bitty rocket. Navigate through obstacles and jagged cavernous locales, collect coins and then may be even land your rocket without going flop.
The controls on this game are very simple. There's a throttle and a direction control, which can easily be used with simple touch and finger slides. Just tap the throttle to accelerate and slide your other thumb to change the direction of where your rocket is headed. The rocket has some kick to it, and can move fast, so you gotta be on your toes. And it's fun to zig zag through the terrain, collecting coins while navigating the course.
The biggest drawback of this game, is the seeming omission of gravity. I guess it's not called Flop Rocket for nothing, because it literally drops out of the sky like a rock if you ease off the throttle at all. The controls are a little frantic and lack finesse. There's virtually no weightlessness, which is weird if we're in outer space. Though, the game does take place in a cave, so perhaps there's some gravity?
Personally, I think this part needs to be improved. As it is, it's nearly impossible to incorporate any skill into the flights and it all just comes down to luck. You will go boom, and often. For that reason, this game will get boring fast.
The sounds are good and the graphics are decent.


Flop Rocket has a lot of potential. I love the retro feel and graphics, but the total lack of gravity seriously hampers the game play. There's needs to be some weightlessness and subtlety to enhance the fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
Kevin Vadala
Fun control scheme, great incentives to keep playing
Flop Rocket for Android is a game that plays like a high-score game. But instead of points and a score, you earn coins that you can later use to upgrade your rocket to make your flight longer, and ultimately much more successful. You can upgrade your ship’s magnetism which makes collecting coins along the level easier. This in turn gives you more money and makes death much less likely. If you don’t want to upgrade magnetism right away, you have a lot of other upgrade options, and then further options on top of that. You can upgrade speed, agility and fuel as well. Fuel is important, because no matter how many other stats you may have, you won’t get anywhere without fuel. This is where the game feels repetitive in its design, in that you have to keep dying in order to succeed later on. (You will never truly succeed, only die over and over). Luckily, the game does have fueling stations to help you along in the present, so its not always entirely left up to your future upgrades.
Flop Rocket has interesting controls but much more interesting gameplay mechanics. The controls are only tolerable because of how things play out. You can use the side of the screen to slightly alternate your ships angle and you control the fuel output with your other finger that simply taps to ignite it. I've never played a game where you had such a direct way of controlling angle and fuel together, so the game feels remarkably like a rocket simulator, even though the gameplay is incredibly arcade-like.
Since you can control the thruster and angle of your ship, you can do a bunch of things that come down to personal choice. You can try to directly fight your way through levels with a near 180 degree slant; or you can fly somewhat leisurely through the level with something more like a 90 degree angle. When you pass over fueling stations, it becomes quite fun to angle your ship right and “dock down”.
Flop Rocket doesn't feel like that different of a game, but it does things well. The gameplay is fun enough to warrant your return and the upgrades provide addicting mechanics. Coins actually mean something in this game which is much more satisfying than simply earning points or lives.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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