Mobfish Hunter
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Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter
Mobfish Hunter

Review Mobfish Hunter

Jay Feldman
Neat animation, the game is addictive, simple controls
Very short game, not interesting to play without paying money
Mobfish Hunter for Android is challenging and addictive, yet simple and easy to play. The graphics are good and it plays like an old school arcade classic.
Mobfish Hunter seems to take place in some strange, mythic land where surfboard hunters hover above an aquatic wonderland below, fishing for deformed mutant looking sea life that populate these murky depths. Our hunter tosses a weapon into the water that looks like little more than a magic potion of sorts. Tilt your device to guide the potion deeper and deeper into these weird waters while dodging the mutant looking sea life. Bump into anything, and your potion instantly turns into a missile that changes directions and begins to resurface, only this time, you want to run into as many mutant creatures as possible before the missile returns to the hunter waiting above. The deeper you go, the murkier and stranger these waters get, leaving all the more targets to hunt when you begin to resurface. The tilt controls work really well; very responsive and accurate. Scoring combos is a bit tricky, but the more creatures you hit in succession, the higher the score.
The app only lets you dive so far before it tells you to upgrade for the ability to go deeper. And I can see how you'd want to upgrade just to keep the game challenging, otherwise it'll get boring right quick. But it plays quite well, is visually interesting and should be fun for a while, even without the upgrades. Naturally, there's all kinds of different tweaks that can cost, or just score the points to earn the upgrades, though that could get tedious over time.
Overall, Mobfish Hunter is good fun. The graphics are interesting with an Anime look and feel. Just wish you could do more before being asked to upgrade.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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