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Polar Bowler
Polar Bowler
Polar Bowler
Polar Bowler
Polar Bowler

Review Polar Bowler

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, multiplayer mode, simple controls
Glitches, animation is a bit laggy
This polar bear reminded me of the Coke commercials. Basically, he plunks behind onto an inner tube and you fling him down the bowling lake at the pins and hope for a strike. As the game progresses, there are interesting twists, like bashing through crates, popping balloons and some other fun stuff.
Controls are simple. Just touch the bear, drag your finger back, then let go to launch. I love how the bear leaves little claw marks in the ice as he hurls down the bowling lane on his inflatable inner tube. You can adjust the trajectory with left and right screen taps. The aim is a little off and certainly doesn't have the finesse of some other bowling games, but I was able to make adjustments on the fly and get a few spares, and even a couple strikes. It's challenging, but not too difficult. The physics aren't totally there, but the animation overall is nice. They have some cute interactions between the bear and a penguin that make the moments in-between frames fun. My biggest issue is the calibration on the buttons seemed off. Sometimes trying to touch the pause button activated the wrong thing. Controls overall need more accuracy. But it's fun enough.
The music is terrible and got on my nerves fast, however, they do have separate controls for it and sound effects, so I just turned off the music completely.


Good game overall, but still seems a little unrefined. However, it shows a lot of potential. With a little more work, this could be a lot of fun. The biggest issues that need to be addressed are accuracy and calibration.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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